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If you are lucky enough to pull a tag for Area 7, Wyoming Professional Hunters has the Elk hunt for you.

Our private ranch is situated in an area that is surrounded by public hunting pressure, which pushes a lot of elk into our ranch. These elk join our calm resident herds to wait out the hunting season. This increases our already above average elk population and it is quite probable that you will see elk every day of your hunt. Many of our clients have seen 200+ elk per day with a large number of those being branched antler bulls.

Due to the difficulty in drawing a license in this area we do not accept deposits until you have actually drawn a license. Then we book our hunters on a first come, first served basis. The application period of the Wyoming Non-Resident Area 7, type 1 Elk licenses is from January 1 until January 31 with the licenses drawing being held in late February. We will be happy to assist you in the application process and please note while these licenses are difficult to draw, they are not impossible even if it's the first time you've every applied. As an example take a look at the 13 year old girl from South Dakota pictured below with the bull she took during the 2009 season. That could be you next season!

As you can see from the photos below there are plenty of Elk to chose from. Of course that doesn't mean you will get close enough to take your shot but rest assured, we will give it our best shot!

All the photos of live Elk below were taken on our ranch during the hunting season.

Elk Hunting

Trying to find just the right one

Some of the Elk from 2007-2009

Making a good shot is the easy part.

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