Mule Deer

Mule Deer have much larger ears than their Whitetail cousins. These ears move constantly and independently, the size of their ears helped early settlers to name them Mule or Burro Deer.  When startled, Mule Deer will move in a series of stiff-legged jumps with all four legs hitting the ground at once this jump is called a Stott.  This is said to give them an advantage over predators in rough terrain and allow them to see over the thick brush.

Due to our strict game management program we are very limited to the number of Trophy Mule Deer hunters each season.  Our slots are sometimes filled years in advances, so if you are interested in hunting a Trophy Mule deer with Wyoming Professional Hunters be sure to contact us as soon as possible to secure your chance at a big Muley Buck.

Be sure to check out the photos at the bottom of this page, some were taken through our spotting scopes but all of these bucks were photographed during our deer season and most of them are presumably still alive and well today.