Prairie Dog Hunts

2021 Prairie Dog Hunts
Information, Seasons & Rates

General Information: Our prairie dog hunts take place on private lands, leased for the exclusive use of Wyoming Professional Hunters Ltd. With one guide for every two hunters our experienced guides will get you into the most productive areas and will help you with range estimation, wind judgment, shot spotting and shooting tips. We supply 4×4 transportation, shooting benches and well prepared lunches in the field along with cold drinks throughout the day. There are no licenses required to shoot prairie dogs and there are certainly no caliber restrictions, however, we recommend a rifle in the .204 to 22-250 caliber class for the bulk of your prairie dog hunting, with the .223 caliber being the most popular due to the opportunity for a large volume of shooting. Many of our hunters bring two or more rifles, alternating them, to allow the barrel to cool on one rifle while firing another. Also, if practical, we encourage you to bring along your favorite big game rifle for a unique opportunity to practice long range shooting at reactive targets. Even if you only fire 5-10 shots through it per day it can be a real confidence builder for the next time you have to take a long shot at that trophy big game animal. On a normal day in the prairie dog fields our hunters will fire an average of 250 well aimed rounds per day each, so bring plenty of ammunition. It is also important that the bullets or projectiles used be of the rapidly expanding design. This is to minimize the possibility of a ricochet and to cause quick humane kills on prairie dogs hit in otherwise nonfatal parts of the body.Good binoculars are a must!

Our shoots are particularly suited to encourage camaraderie and to promote skilled marksmanship under field conditions.These hunts are suited to the first time shooter as well as the seasoned veteran and all will come away from the experience having learned something that will help them be better marksmen.

Package A: In keeping with the spirit of fun, relaxing, social events our hunts are set up to be as hassle free as possible and for your convenience our hunt price includes transportation if needed from the Rapid City, South Dakota airport to our hunting lodge as well as all meals and room accommodations during your hunt. Plus, in the evenings when the firearms are stored safely away we have a fully stocked bar that is open to our clients at no additional charge. When the hunt is over we will provide transportation if needed to those who are flying out of Rapid City, South Dakota airport. Hunters need only supply their personal gear, rifles, binoculars and ammunition (which may be shipped to us via FedEx ground for your convenience). With adequate notice we can even provide finely tuned, accurate, varmint rifles for rent at a rate $45 per day and we can provide varmint ammunition at competitive prices.

Please note: The consumption of alcoholic beverages while in the field will not be permitted.

Seasons and Rates: Our rate is $1275.00 per hunter for a two day shoot which would have the hunter arriving midday on day one, hunting day 2 & 3 and departing on day 4. Additional hunting days complete with the accommodations listed above may be added for $450 per day. We strive to have 8 shooters in the field each hunting day but can accommodate 10 shooters in a group with enough advance notice. Since we have two hunters per guide we prefer our hunters to book their hunts along with a hunting companion or companions in even numbered groups if possible. During the 2021 season we will conduct prairie dog hunts from June 10th to August 5th.

All hunts are booked on a first come, first serve basis. A $500.00 deposit per hunter is required to reserve your hunt dates and is non-refundable unless cancellation is made 60 or more days prior to the scheduled hunt date. The balance of your hunt fee is due upon your arrival and no refunds will be given for inclement weather conditions although alternate activities may be available.

Package B: This package is for the shooter who would like to supply their own meals and lodging, while still having a professional spot dogs and call each shot. Wyoming Professional Hunters will supply private property to shoot on, airport pickup and drop off, all transportation to and from the field, all drinks and BBQ lunches while in the field. Package B 350.00 per shooter per day. You may view a larger version of any of the photos by clicking them.